Common Questions



Common Questions

Can I drown if i fall asleep?

No, because of the amount of salt you would stay buoyant like one would in the Dead Sea; people fall asleep all the time. It is also highly unlikely that anybody would be able to take a mouthful of salty water or get any in their eyes without waking up.

Can I go in naked?

All rooms are private with their own shower, so it’s completely up to you. Wearing bathers might actually take away from the experience.

What should I bring?

Nothing. We have you covered.

How do you keep the tanks clean?

Each tank is filtered and sanitized after every use.

Can I float on my period?

For hygiene reasons we would advise to reschedule.

Can I float with cuts?

If they are small it won’t be an issue but no larger open cuts.

Can i run out of air?

No, there is a vent in the tanks for constant air flow.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

A lot of floaters that have issues with claustrophobia report no issue. If things do get too much there is a light in the tank or the door can easily be slid open from inside.

Can I float when I'm pregnant?

Whilst there is no danger it’s best to double check with your doctor or mid-wife.

What’s the tallest person the tank can accommodate?

The tank is able to fit someone up to around 2.1m (6'11).


If anything comes to mind please do not hesitate to ask.


other information

other information

Things to Avoid before floating

  • if you have water based hair dye

  • sunburnt

  • if you are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol

  • having caffeine 3-4 hours prior

  • eating a big meal / being too hungry

  • very low blood pressure

  • any contagious disease or infectious skin condition

  • having gastro or diarrhoea at least 2 weeks prior

  • if you are suffering from any unstable mental condition

  • leaving your contacts in

  • before shaving and waxing

  • if you are an epileptic who suffers from severe seizures that my endanger yourself floating

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Bookings are essential.
When paying through this website all details payment details are securely held on our behalf of Stripe.
Float 4 Free service refund only applies in person after all 4 floats have been completed.
Failure to attend pre-booked session without notification will result in forfeiting credit.
24hrs notice is required for cancellation.